Connecting elements for wood

Connecting elements for wood and ridge nails are used as bearing the connecting elements of wooden structures. Allowable load values for connecting elements and ridge nails are determined by structural calculations and decisions on permits. Connecting elements are fixed as corresponding to stress analysis, either by ridge nails or screws.


Angular clutches

Post connectors

Beam carriers

Beam couplings and stops

Binding rafter anchors

Perforated strips and sheets

Truss posts

Universal clutches and BULLDOG

Screws, nails and rafter holders


Types of materials:

Solid wood 2nd class, glued laminated wood or plywood

Ridge nails, chevron nails and screws according to the size range.

1) Connecting elements for wood produced from galvanized steel sheet.
2) Connecting elements for wood produced from steel sheet and then hot-dip galvanized.
3) Anticorrosive joining elements for timber manufactured from stainless steel.

Product quality

satisfying the relevant standards and technical regulations.


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