Introducing the company

Our company has been operating on the Slovak market since 1998. During that time we've made a number of successful deliveries for domestic but also internationally renowned companies and have been a partner in many projects at home and abroad. The confidence of our customers is commitment to further cooperation for us.

Long-term collaboration, thousands of business partners

Company products supported by high-quality services and active approach of staff help our partners reach their goals more easily and are a real asset to them in mutual cooperation and guarantee of availability and timely supply of goods.

We offer:

  • a wide range of products available in stock,
  • high quality products from reputable and certified suppliers,
  • fast deliveries of goods supported by sophisticated logistics services,
  • technical advice and quality service throughout the entire period of cooperation,
  • affordability of offered products and a sophisticated discount system.

Overriding goal - customer satisfaction

We guarantee cooperation for all, irrespective of their size or area of activity. Due to the high professionalism of the sales staff, we maintain optimum solutions for our customers' projects and compliance with agreed commercial conditions to be a reliable business partner.

Since 2004, the company has implemented  quality management system  according to ISO 9001

Company executives

  • Jozef Šuba
  • Miroslav Varečka
  • Peter Szusčík


  • Mgr. Zoltán Vida

Business department

  • Martin Adamuščin
  • Martina Svobodová
  • Juraj Peršek
  • Ján Vizváry
  • Jana Nemčovská Kollerová
  • Mgr. Andrea Veselovská
  • Ing. Katarína Legellyová

Economic department

  • Viera Uhríková
  • Veronika Mičová
  • Lenka Koprlová


  • Marián Kraus
  • Ing. Roman Švorc


  • Radoslav Kasl
  • Martin Čižmárik
  • Ľuboš Farkaš
  • Peter Bochmač
  • Marián Stoila

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