Logistic services

Personal pickup of goods:

The possibility of Personal pickup of goods ordered by the customer at the premises of the supplier at the arranged time within the supplier's operating hours.

Normal supplies of goods:

Deliveries of goods according to customer needs. Deliveries are carried out continuously based on customer orders and the availability of goods at the supplier's (or producer's) warehouse by the supplier's own means of transport or courier and dispatch companies.

Supply of customized goods:

Accurate delivery and packaging of goods carried out for a specific contract under the previous customer's exact specifications. Deliveries are custom-made (the exact quantities and packaging) according to customer requirements to the designated place and order within the agreed period or interval.

Rapid and timely delivery of goods:

Deliveries of in-stock items the next working day with the possibility of express delivery. In the case of periodical subscriptions, the customer pre-specifies a desired range, and the supplier produces a security supply in their own storage areas. Goods are dispatched and delivered to the client in the shortest possible time upon the customer's request.

Supplier's consignment warehouse:

Location of the supplier's consignment warehouse on the premises of the customer, usually in the vicinity of production. Goods remain the property of the supplier until the time of handover from the warehouse, implemented by the customer's employee according to the requirements of production. The customer is only charged for the exact quantities released from the consignment warehouse for a certain period, while the goods are complemented by the supplier.

KANBAN standard:

Continuous supply of goods to customer using the Kanban system, which are placed in plastic containers on the customer's premises at the exactly agreed place, and the missing goods are continuously added at agreed intervals. Customer can specify the size of reserves and choose the system of one, two or three containers. Container labels also contain barcodes, accelerating the ordering process, which is carried out using a wireless device.

KANBAN optimal:

Continuous supply of goods to the customer using the Kanban system, which is placed on the customer's premises at the exactly agreed place in labeled containers, while missing goods are continuously added into the containers at agreed intervals according to the exact requirements of the customer. The customer has the ability to continuously vary the size of supplies in the containers according to the current requirements and the needs of production by ordering the required amount for the containers.

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