• Bolts, Nuts, Mats, Pins, Screws, Cotter Pins, Pens, Tensioners, Lugs, Bolts, Rings,
  • Inserts, Storks, Joints, Casings, Hose Clamps, Threaded Rods, ...
  • Material :  Steel 8.8, 10.9, 12.9/Stainless steel A1, A2, A4 / Brass / Aluminum / Copper / Plastic / Titan
  • Surface treatment :  Black, zinc, nickel, chromium ...
  • Thread :  metric, trapezoidal, Whitwort, UNC, UNF

  • Anchors :  sliding, bridging, snapping, steel, brass...
  • Plastic dowels :  standard, frame, knotting, driving, insulation, for plasterboard ...
  • Chemical anchors and accessories:  cartridges, mixers, meshes, inserts ...
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  • Tear-off rivers :  open, sealing, grooved, peeling, strong, high strength
  • Driving rivets / Tube rivets
  • Riveting nuts :  smooth, grooved, hexagonal, with head - countersunk, flat, micro
  • Pressing bolts and nuts
  • Weld bolts and nuts
  • Riveters :  manual, lever, pneumatic

  • Drills for metal :  HSS, cobalt, grinded elongated, cone, double-sided, stepped ...
  • Drills for concrete - standard, SDS
  • Crown heads into concrete and porous concrete
  • Drills for ceramics
  • Wood drills
  • Glass drills
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Connecting elements for wood and ridge nails are used as the bearing connecting elements of wood structures:

  • Angled couplings, beam couplings
  • Connectors for posts and trusses
  • Binding rafter anchors, Perforated strips and sheets
  • Screws, nails - ridges, rafter


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