Riveting technology

Rivets tearing standard

Tearing rivets open
Multi-deployable tearing rivets, large selected of combinations of materials, head shape, diameter and length.
Tearing rivets sealing "closed"
For watertight connections and suitable where the plug must not fall out. A large selection of combinations of materials, head shape, diameter and length.
Tearing rivets strong "F"
Increased strength. Large range of uses, enormous tightening strength thanks to a new construction of the plug.


Rivets tearing special

Tearing rivets peeling
Specifically suitable for soft and porous materials in aluminium/aluminum and steel/steel design.
Tearing rivets peeling "FIOR"
Especially suitable for plastic, rubber, fiberglass and wood. Creates a permanently flexible coupling.
Tearing rivets - Multigrip "MGR"
Suitable for use in-uniform thicknesses of material, or larger tolerances of drilled holes.
Tearing rivets grooved 
Particularly suitable for use in soft substrates.
Tearing rivets high strength "Autobulb, Magna-Lok, Hucktainer"  are intended for different uses in industry, particularly on the fixed connection


Other rivets

Tubular rivets
Material: brass
DIN 7340
Hammering rivets with semi-round and countersunk head
Material: steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper.
DIN 660, 661
Weld bolts and nuts
Material: steel coated with zinc and copper, stainless steel, aluminum.
DIN 32501


Riveting nuts

Riveting nuts are used everywhere where a thread is necessary and there is no possibility of welding, cutting the thread, or access is from only one side. A major advantage of their use is the assembly speed, which increases productivity and reduces costs. The work requires expertise.

  • Dimensions: riveting nut threads are from M 3 to M 12 - before use it is necessary to know the thickness of the material to which the nut is mounted (the proper length of the nut is determined according to the data).
  • Material: steel, stainless steel, aluminum.
  • Shoulder: the possibility of riveting by hand and pneumatic riveting tools.


flat smooth steel
stainless steel
flat hexagon steel
stainless steel
flat grooved steel Image
micro hexagon steel
stainless steel
countersunk smooth steel
stainless steel
flat closed
stainless steel
micro smooth steel
stainless steel
micro closed
stainless steel
micro grooved steel Image


Pressing nuts and bolts

Pressing nuts and bolts are mounts that become a solid total by molding them into the base material with a drilled hole. They are mainly used when on thin sheets we need a thread from one side and the other side must remain smooth. Also, in thicker substrates where it would be possible to shoot a thread, the use of pressing components is often easier, faster and more economic.


Material: coated with Zn, Cu, stainless steel, aluminum.
Dimensions:M 2 / 2. 5 / 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 and 10, and UNC / UNF also possible on demand.

Pliers for rivets and rivet nuts

Hand pliers
for rivet and nuts of smaller dimensions
Hand lever pliers
for larger rivets and nuts, for mounting that requires more force.

Pneumatic pliers
significantly accelerate the installation of rivets and rivet nuts where compressed air supply is allowed.
Accumulation pliers
(only for rivets) to accelerate riveting especially on external structures


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